About naniHULA

naniHULA (which in Hawaiian means beautiful dance) is an exciting way to experience the Aloha spirit of Hawaii, while maintaining physical and spiritual health. The expressive stories of each dance, together with the accompanying music, promote feelings of serenity, tranquility and a closer connection with each other and the environment. For those with a more adventurous side, naniHULA can help you to master the captivating and refreshing dances of Tahiti. So please join us at our studio as we would love to share our passion for Hula, Tahitian dance and polynesian culture with you!

naniHULA Dance School

naniHULA Dance Studio

Our dedicated Hula Dance and Tahitian Dance instructors offer dance lessons for people of all ages and skill level. Beginner, intermediate, experienced and children dance classes are available. If you are a little shy, bring a friend/partner or drop by the naniHULA dance studio and watch some of our dance lessons.

naniHULA Performance

Our dance instructors perform regularly at various social events, festivals, competitions and on television.

naniHULA Instructors

Our dance instructors have studied and performed Hula and Tahitian dance in Hawaii and Japan. naniHULA also invites other professional Polynesian dance instructors from Hawaii and Tahiti to host dance and cultural workshops at the naniHULA dance school.